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"We loved the music and had a wonderful time!"

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David Leonhardt and his musicians can make your ceremony everything you want it to be. Adding live music to your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour will add so much to the experience for you and your guests, and the cost is surprisingly reasonable. We offer various classical ensembles perfect for setting the right mood. A trio of string bass, piano and flute or trumpet, a duo of piano and flute or trumpet, a violin or combinations of all of this. Our most popular combination is piano. String bass and flute for the ceremony playing classical music and then our flutist switches to sax and we play jazz for the cocktail hour! Or maybe all you need is a solo pianist, (Don’t worry we can bring our own state of the art keyboard and set up any where you need!)

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but adding music is one of the easiest parts!  We can suggest all your musical selections, or we’ll work with you if you want to make your own selections.  Most importantly, you’ll immediately realize that our focus is totally on YOU!

Wedding Ceremony Songs

Prelude Music

Prelude music is played prior to the ceremony as guests are being seated. These songs will set the tone for your ceremony, therefore classical or jazz music is commonly played.

Processional Music

The Processional begins as the immediate family members are ready to be seated. Depending on your ceremony dynamics, you will choose a new song as your bridal party walks down the aisle.

Bride Entrance Music

Choose the perfect song as all eyes will be on the blushing bride!

Interlude Music

Interlude songs are often used during the ceremony to signify a special moment for the couple. This would be a perfect type of song to play during the lighting of a unity candle.

Recessional Music

Congratulations, you're married! The recessional song celebrates your new commitment and is played as you walk up the aisle together.

Postlude Music

The Postlude plays at the conclusion of the ceremony, after the recessional. As your guests exit, the postlude music should keep with the upbeat mood.

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