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" couldn't have asked for a better musical accompaniment  for the evening."

David + Hadley

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An upbeat atmosphere for your cocktail hour is a must and we can make that happen for you. A sophisticated jazz trio can set just the right ambiance for you and your guests to kick off the festivities. Maybe a solo pianist is all you need or would you like an energetic swing band to put every one “in the mood”. Let us help you get everyone at your party ready for a night to remember!

We are always open to your ideas but here are a few musical combinations we have found works for cocktails:

  • Solo pianist

  • Piano and Saxophone

  • Classic Jazz Trio of piano, upright string bass, and drums.

  • Five piece swing band with sax and trumpet.

  • Heck, why not use the whole nine piece orchestra?

Whatever size ensemble you need we can fit your budget.

The David Leonhardt Orchestra is an experienced group of seasoned professionals offering quality entertainment at an affordable price. Our ideas and attention to detail are guaranteed to give you the party you deserve.

For a free consultation call David Leonhardt now! 610-252-9892

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