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There is nothing as exciting as a Live Band with horns wailing, singers crooning, the drums driving the rhythm and the kind of songs that have become classics of The American Song Book!

You put your reputation on the line when setting up and event and selecting entertainment is one of the most important choices you will make. No decision will bring more positive (or negative) comments. Let us help you choose the right musical ambience for your event. The David Leonhardt Orchestra is an experienced group of seasoned professionals offering quality entertainment at an affordable price. Our ideas and attention to detail are guaranteed to get you the praise you deserve.

We offer a nine piece Orchestra, A Swing Band, jazz trios, or simply a solo pianist. Styles range from Swing, Classical, Dance music, Ethnic, Ballroom, Motown, Rock, and Latin or simply good Background music. If you want a smaller band we are flexible and can use a five, six or seven piece band and keep the essence of the Orchestra experience. We can fit our band into your budget.

We have vast experience playing at parties and can help make yours a success for you, your family, and friends. We can play any requests you might have from romantic dance numbers to the hits of the big band era to rock favorites. If you want a sophisticated yet friendly musical atmosphere we are the right choice.

The David Leonhardt Orchestra is fully insured, self-contained, and offers special pricing for charities and non-profits.

For a free consultation call David Leonhardt now! 610-252-9892

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