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There is nothing as elegant and sophisticated as a classic Jazz Trio of piano, upright string bass and drums. Of course we can supply a state of the art keyboard that sounds just like a grand piano so you can have music outside or inside in any room you like. Perfect for cocktails, dinner and light dancing a live jazz trio can make your event special even if you have a DJ for the rest of the night. Many of our clients use a live band for cocktails and dinner and have a DJ play the latter part of the night. You get the best of both worlds. Live music makes a party memorable!

The David Leonhardt Orchestra is an experienced group of seasoned professionals offering quality entertainment at an affordable price. Our ideas and attention to detail are guaranteed to get you the party you deserve.

The David Leonhardt Orchestra is fully insured, self-contained, and offers special pricing for charities and non-profits.

For a free consultation call David Leonhardt now! 610-252-9892

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